Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Surgery Day!

Well today is surgery day. I have been waiting for ever it seems like. I got up early, gave her a bath and we were off. She will be there for 5 days so I packed her a bag of stuff she will probably not even need. Toys, sweater, leash & harness, blanket, etc. The staff at the Animal Neurology clinic was great. They gave Baby Love a warm welcome & I am sure she will love all the attention from the ladies there. I should hear something late this afternoon after how the surgery went, they will not start until 1pm I believe.

Update 5:30pm today. I spoke with the Dr. Ducote and Baby Love did well. She will be on IV's etc through out the night and there is staff on duty to care for her all night. They will give me another update in the morning.

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